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History of TCAOR

The National Association of Realtor recognized the Visalia Realty Board in 1921 which included Tulare and Kings Counties. At that time it became the 28th Board of Realtors in California. A "Realtor" is a member who belongs to the California and National Association of Realtors. The first Boards of Realtors were established as "Real Estate Exchanges".

On certain appointed days, the members of a Board of Realtors gathered at Board offices and exchanged information about listings. They carried on an auction as they frequently came prepared to purchase certain property desired by their principals, but listed by another broker. The practice was common in the 1880's and 1890's. Shortly after the end of the nineteenth century, the term "multiple listing" was in use.By 1941 there were only 11 members in the Visalia Realty Board. At that time, the idea for the need to have a multiple listing service came about and the MLS was started. This was a benefit to members since it provided the opportunity for members to market their listing via a cooperative group. The early MLS systems consisted of flyers (and later booklets) that distributed the information. The booklets later became the computerized system now utilized by thousands of agents. In 1950 members got together and decided they needed to create bylaws and a constitution for their association. The first President of the association was Faber George. The first Executive Officer was hired in 1951 who increased publications to semi-weekly bulletins of new listings/sales. The membership grew and by the end of 1957, the membership was at 60 members. In 1957 the association was incorporated. Weekly meetings were held and the members toured the listed properties; the beginning of caravans. The name was officially changed to the Visalia Board of Realtors in 1969. By 1971 the association had over 39 Realtor offices and 92 members. The name was changed to Visalia Association of Realtors. The name was again changed in 2003 to the Tulare County Board of Realtors and MLS. The Board of Directors was established to operate TCAOR by developing By-laws and Policy. Board members police ethics violations, handle proceedings of investigation and make recommendations on behalf of the organization. They adhere to a strict Realtor Code of Ethics. The Realtor Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice include 17 Articles. The goal of TCAOR is to maintain integrity in dealing with the public, as well as provide various services such as lockbox use and key management. Also provided to members is access to their MLS system. Other services provided includes, advocacy at a State and National level. Not only do members have a voice, but home owners as well through the Local, State and National Boards of Realtors.

You are here: Home | Front Page | History of TCAOR